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Glad to be a Missionary Mom

I love having a missionary out serving. My daughter has been out for more than a year now and will be home in December. I hear other missionary moms saying how hard it is to have a missionary out. I love it. 

Our family has been so blessed since she’s been out serving. We have prayed for missionary experiences ourselves–not necessarily an easy thing in northern Utah county. We put together a music blog with some songs we recorded about missionary work. It was fun to work on and sing together, but probably no one will ever see it. I feel like it has been a missionary experience for my children anyway. I have one more song I would really like to get recorded and up there. 

Bruce has been accepted into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which is a great missionary opportunity as we promote the choir on facebook. We love to hear the choir sing and look for Bruce in the loft. He will get set apart this Thursday. 

In less than two weeks we leave to go to Nauvoo to participate in the Nauvoo Pageant. We are thrilled (which is a huge blessing in itself.) We got into the same cast as Bruce’s brother’s family–which is extremely exciting. The girls were not so excited at first, but now they are very excited. We’re working to learn the songs and we’ve had several Family Home Evening lessons in preparation. We will be set apart as kind of temporary missionaries. We’ve been practicing how to share the gospel and answer questions. We’ll see how it goes. 

Those are just a few of the blessings we have received since Sam started her mission. I have a great testimony of the power of missionary work and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives. 

I’m glad to be a missionary mom.

Sam gets to try some exciting things on her mission in Florida, like redneck cheesecake. Yes, that’s an Oreo with squeeze cheese on it. 

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Mothers of Stripling Warriors

When we dropped my daughter off at the Provo MTC, I saw the mother from the car in front of us fall apart. She had gotten out of the car and was SOBBING, reaching her arms out to her young son as he left. And the son? He looked back at his mom, concern and uncertainty etched on his face.

How could he experience the joy of stepping fully into his mission if he was worried about his mom? He needed her strength.

Please, please, please, keep it together when you drop off your missionary. Some are excited to go, some are nervous. If you lay your broken heart on your nervous elder or sister, you’ll only make it harder for them. If you’re sobbing to your excited missionary, that won’t help them either. Wait at least until you get in your car and pull away. Then, if you must *sigh* let it flow.

 I do not speak from experience in this, I admit. I was thrilled to the core when my daughter left, and still am. I do listen to the CD she made me rather frequently (she’s a pianist). I miss her. However, I do understand that it is very difficult for many mothers to say goodbye to their missionaries. There are so many different circumstances that weigh in.  

I sound judgemental. I don’t mean to judge the mother who was sobbing–I know it’s hard. My heart broke for that sweet mother. But as mothers of these modern day stripling warriors IT IS OUR JOB to

  • Stand firm in the faith
  • Support their sacrifice
  • Encourage and uplift them in their need
  • Make sure they know THAT WE KNOW they where they are supposed to be

So cry if you need to – after they’ve gone. Write supportive, encouraging letters for those times when they feel lost and alone. Teach them to pray and rely on their Father in Heaven who will support them in all things. Lend them your faith in those moments they might need it. Pray constantly for their faith, safety, and ability to endure.

And then reap the rewards. The evidence of their increasing in faith and humility. The stories of their sacrifice and service to the Lord. The Spirit that floods your home and heart. The increased desires you will cultivate to do missionary work of your own. The powerful influence of an older missionary sibling on the little ones at home.

I am so grateful to be the mother of a missionary.